Classes & Groups

Classes & Groups

At Northway, we believe that we should be connected to God and to one another. To grow spiritually, you have to be connected relationally. Connecting with God and one another takes place through engagement with scripture and by intentionally fostering spiritual friendships which encourage discipleship through service and care-giving.

Northway’s Connect Groups (Sunday Morning Growth Groups, Sunday School Classes, and Sticky Groups) help individuals connect to God and to one another. These groups meet at the church or in homes weekly for the purpose of:

  • Intentionally fostering spiritual friendships
  • Reflecting on scripture from worship to form, inform, and transform lives
  • Encouraging discipleship through service and care-giving

These groups also recognize that they must move routinely beyond their small groups to connect through intentional gatherings for education and fellowship with the larger Northway Community.

Sunday School Classes
Sunday School classes for all ages meet each Sunday at 9:00 am, and throughout the year may gather in more informal settings for fellowship and service as they choose. Most Sunday School classes are age-based and follow a regular study style. Study topics are chosen by the group. If you would like to learn more about our Sunday School Class options, please contact us.

Growth Groups
Growth Groups are midweek small groups of 6 to 12 people that may meet virtually, in homes or at the church to discuss the weekly sermon and reflect on scripture. During their time together, group members develop strong spiritual friendships as they pray together, care for one another, and serve others.

Are you interested in joining a Connect Group?
Contact the church office to find a class or group that’s right for you. Or check out a description of our current Connect Groups by clicking the link below

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