CCSW Men’s Retreat

September 16 - 18  |  Lake Brownwood Christian Retreat

ABOUT THIS EVENT: Preaching, Teaching, Singing, Worship, Fellowship, Workshops, Relaxation.
Special Offerings:- Saturday – 2023 Men’s Mission Project; Sunday – LBCR maintenance prior to men’s retreat

REGISTRATION: First-time attendees receive a discount on the registration, so invite someone who hasn’t attended before to come with you and share the fun with them – use the

FIRSTTIME: Cost for the full weekend is $75 for a first time attendee.  Scholarships are available at a $50 discount off above registration fees, except a First Timer.
You can have one or the other, NOT Both! — Use PROMOCODE: Scholarship

WORKSHOPS:  Saturday mornings prior to lunch:
1. Rev. Virzola Law
2. Rev. Kyle Fauntleroy
3. “Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries,” by Rev. Feliberto Pereira
4. “Disciples Men Mission Projects plus getting new men involved” by Les Hodson.


  • Friday’s Pre-Retreat Golf Tournament, Friday night Chicken Foot and other games.
  • Saturday afternoon Horseshoes, Basketball, Volleyball, Golfing, Fishing, Dominoes, Card Games, and Rest & Relaxation.

Please note: Bring your own recreation equipment, plus your own card/board games for ‘after formal program’ entertainment in the Dining Hall.

POWERFUL SINGING: Accompanied by your Instruments: Bring your instrument and join in with the music.

AWARDS & PRESENTATIONS: Attendance Awards, Golf Tournament and Recreational Winners

Regional Refund Policy for Southwest Region Events

Cancellation details:

  • 100% refund for emergencies up to the first day of the event;
  • 100% if requested in writing up to seven days prior to the first day of the event;
  • 50%, in cases of emergency only, if notification is made after the beginning of the event.

Refund issued only if the written request is received in the CCSW Regional office – either at PO Box 1689, Fort Worth TX 76101-1689, or at – within seven days of the last day of the event; no refunds for non- emergency cancellations after the beginning of the event.