Ministry Architects

Making Room & Connecting

MAY 2022 - It’s been quiet lately on the Ministry Architects front. Not because nothings been happening, but because so much has been happening in other areas. So here’s a quick update. We launched two small groups this week: Wine and the Word, and Faith at Work. Both groups are designed to serve current Northway participants and make room for new folks who might be interested in connecting with these topics.

Additionally, the Design Team will meet the week of May 9 with our Ministry Architects consultants to lay a plan for the next four months of work. This includes the next round of small groups, as well as addressing some of the systems that surfaced during the assessment phase as needing attention. The group will be looking at some big picture, long range vision ideas that emerge from the conversations that Northway has been having over the last several years. Praying together and listening for where God might be calling us next. That will open out into new kinds of conversations in the congregation over the coming months, building on the ideas that we will explore during Innovation Lab 101 this May during Sunday school. Please call Pedro Cortez or Pastor Ken, if you have additional questions.

The Conversation Continues...

Our conversations with Ministry Architects continue behind the scenes as they help our leadership prepare the ground for the next public stage of our shared work together. Excitement is growing for how their recommendations for developing, launching and growing new small groups can help us on our way toward our goal of launching a new worship service. All of this is of course in service to our mission of Sharing Christ with those seeking meaning and purpose. For now, you can help in two ways:

Join in our prayer efforts by adding this process and its leaders to your daily intercessions.

Begin now thinking of folks in your life – family, friends, coworkers, neighbors – who are not connected to a congregation AND who you believe are seeking greater meaning and purpose in their lives. Add them to your prayers as well if you’re not already doing that.

Soon you’ll be getting additional news about the next public stage of our process. For now, we are grateful for all the ways you have already shown up, stood up, and spoken up in this part of our journey. Together, we are learning to Think Again about God’s call to follow Jesus and to build the kingdom of God on earth as in heaven as we love our neighbors as ourselves. May we receive the wisdom we need and share the joy we have found.

Assessment Report for Northway Christian Church

The Assessment Report will start by reflecting back to the church what the consultant team heard people saying about the church’s ministry. We compare your church to ministry norms across the country. We will point out the assets of the church – the things to protect and keep. We will also share the challenges that we see – the things that are roadblocks to the ministry moving strategically forward. We then lay out a blueprint for how to strategically move the church from where it is now to where you want it to be.