Ministry Architects

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

WHAT: Ministry Architects Listening Sessions
WHEN: Online September 13-18 and On Campus September 19
WHO: You! We want you to participate in one of the sessions that will be available either online, on campus, or hybrid. If you haven’t already, please sign up by calling 214-361-6641 or by sending us an email (

We want to hear from you!
To that end, we are asking you to take 10 minutes to complete two brief surveys online Please click the buttons below for the surveys.

Why Your Participation is Important

You play an important role in the church. Whether you lead regularly, volunteer often or simply attend… your voice matters! The leaders of your church are committed to building a strategic vision for the future WITH you and the entire faith community and this is your opportunity to join your voice with others in the church to share God’s vision through your perspective.

Planning for Our Future

We value the future of our church, and we are committed to building a sustainable and strategic ministry that is going to have a deep impact as Northway Christian seeks to create a new expression of worship for a new season of ministry. That’s why we have invited Ministry Architects to visit us September 19-20. (Learn more about them at Ministry Architects will spend the majority of their time in worship and in listening to a variety of groups within the church and hopefully outside of the church through focused listening groups. We hope to see participation in those groups from a broad spectrum of members, regular attenders and those in our community we hope to attract through a new worship experience. We want your insights, your frustrations and your dreams to be heard.

Once they have completed the listening sessions and gathered the survey results, they will be providing us with a stakeholders debrief on Monday, September 20 at 1:30 pm on Zoom. We hope you can join us for this presentation, the Zoom link is:

What will the report look like?

The Assessment Report will start by reflecting back to the church what the consultant team heard people saying about the church’s ministry. We compare your church to ministry norms across the country. We will point out the assets of the church – the things to protect and keep. We will also share the challenges that we see – the things that are roadblocks to the ministry moving strategically forward. We then lay out a blueprint for how to strategically move the church from where it is now to where you want it to be. These recommendations include a detailed timeline laying out the process month by month.